Paws continued, Watergardens & much more 
PAWS Nite Wind at Westfield
We have built the workshop, Three Seasons room, garden shed, truckport, Pagora Grape Arbor herb & berry patch, Pond with bridge & much more
We began the plans for the projects for the workshop, Three Seasons room , Water Gardens and new  driveway in September 2007 . Work on these projects thru summer of '08 & '09 are shown with pictures of the construction we have completed so far. 
The 100 year old hollow trees , along side of the driveway , had to be removed.  The driveway being quite narrow and in bad shape needed to widened. 
  First,  a 12 X 24 ft garage was moved here ,to be rebuilt for use as a garden shed
To start , the land had to be leveled and location sellected for building
Looking here, we invission, the gardens , Three Seasons Room and Workshop
Mary gets to work painting and setting the new mailbox
Next page continues;  PAWS, Nite Wind at Westfield,  building the Waterfalls and more
The dead tree was removed , The Steam Engine retired to the corner of the front lawn.
A Weeping Cherry tree was planted on the hill next to the entrance walkway.
The Workshop goes up. The retaining wall prepares the space that will be between the pond and the workshop
Next, the flooring for the Three Seasons rooom and roof and wall support timbers are constructed.  The Water Tower is built  and the Water Barrel set on top
Devil and Dave hoist an antique crane to the Water Tower platform that will be used to suspend the a trough that will carry water to the Waterwheel.
The Antique Crane is very heavy and is bolted to the Tower deck
The begings of the pond.  The soil to make the birm for the pond is dug from the hole where the pond will be.
The roof rafters are constructed for the Three Seasons Room.  A design is painted on to the floor
A ceadar roof , topped with a Gold Ball is added the Water Barrel .  The Pump House has been built . The Waterwheel is built.   All built from reclaimed barn boards Devil had gotten from local farm.
Windows and Doulbe French Doors are built into the Walls of the Three Seasons Room 
The Truckport going up.
The Three seasons room walls are completed with reclaimed old barn boards and
 spindals Mary painted durring the '08 winter, viewed thru old grape arbor and herb garden
The timber frame for the vegetable garden are laid out and a truck load of soil is piled in the center waiting to be spread.  
The Truckport is finished.   Rose Trellises with Rose vines will be planted  along the truckport wall.  
The Wrought Iron Rose Gazebo , painted and planted. Notice the veggies in the garden
The Roses bloomed beautifully 
Devil built this Pagora  Grape Arbor for  the grape vines, herbs and berry patch
The work for the new Driveway begins.
The dirt  is dug away for the new driveway and piled around the pond to make the birm
Grandson is kept on his leash for saftey, he would love to help
The east side of the driveway is done.
After several days wait for concrete to harden on the east side,  the west side is begun
Rain had threatened the whole day. Nearly finished , it begins to rain
A tarp is laid out to cover the wet concrete
An Antique Horse Drawn tobaco planter is painted and set next to the Water Tower
The liner is in and the pond is being filled.    The birm is covered with weed fabirc
A pile of rock  and the cement mixer are ready to start the birm and walkways
Devil installs pumps and hoses to the pump house and Water tower
The water comes down onto the waterwheel
The Wheel turns easily, 
The vegetable garden over grew !!!! We put up some for the winter and gave lots away
Devil builds the bridge over the pond.  The chicken & weathervane are on the pump house  
The bridge is completed. It has a soft arch. Blocks will be used in building the Waterfalls
Devil found this contraption, an atique belt driven airpump that works.  The red penduluem rotates pushing the rods back and forth, pushing air thru the cellindars