Our Stars!
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CFAs 3rd Best of Breed Selkirk Rex 2003!!!!! Best Selkirk Rex Short Hair At the International Cat show 2002            GC Nite Wind Bo Brambles of Roustabout.
Cream Mc Tabby Short Hair Male DOB 01-28-02   GRC Serenitie Marys' Lambz of Nite Wind X Nite Wind Kati Lambz  (repeat breeding of Ch Nite Wind "prissy" of Countrycurls.
Owner Michelle Kirby here to add your text.t
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GC Nite Wind DivyDo of DeeNewKurl
Dilute Calico Long Hair  DOB 6-21-01    Wishstar Lets Party of Nite Wind X  Nite Wind Ivy of Wishstar
Best Selkirk Rex Long hair Div 2002 Internatioinal Cat Show                                               Owners: Debi Kallmeyer, Jeri Newman, Mary Jonesck here to add your text.
Grand Champion Nite Wind Supremo Bambino of Advate Garde
     Cream & White Short Hair male  DOB 6-22-02 Wishstar Lets Party of Nite Wind X Nite Wind Ivy of Wishstar      ( repeat breeding of GRC Nite Wind DivyDo of DeeNewKurl)
First Selkirk Rex in South Africa  Avante Garde Cattery
Congratulation !!  On WODAC Show wins!! 2003 5th Best cats in Showl
2004 4th Best Cat in Show
 Accepted for Championship showing in South Africa Jan 2005!!!! ick here to add your text.
Nite Wind Mega Delux of Lux    Dilute Calico female DOB 12-11-01  Wishstar Lets Party of Nite Wind X  Nite Wind Ivy of Wishstar  ( repeat breeding of  GRC Nite Wind  DivyDo of DeeNewKurl)                                                           Owner Joanna ContrerasClick here to add your text.
Champion Nite Wind prissy of CountryCurls                  2002 CFA 2nd BOB Selkik Rex long Hair
Cream Point Long Hair  lffemale DOB 11-13-00 GRC Serenitie Marys'Lambz of Nite Wind 1999s TICAs Best Selkirk Rex, GLR 8th Best Cat) X Nite Wind Kati Lambz ( Kati is sister of CFA s' First female GRC, Nite Wind Tsunami of DeeNewKurl)ick here to add your text.d
CFAs  5th Best of Breed Selkirk Rex Short Hair Prmier 2004 TICA Best Selkirk Rex Alter  Pr. Nite Wind Hooligan  cream pointed Short Hair neuter  DOB 06-08-02
Owner Victoria Petotick  Plymouth, Wisconsin  
2002 TICAs 2nd Best Selkirk Rex
GRC Nite Wind Main Man of Cat N Around
cream Mac Tabby Short Hair  male DOB 11-13-00  GRC Serenitie Marys' Lambz of Nite Wind X Nite Wind Kati LambzClick here t Brother  to GRC Nite Wind Bo Bramlbe of Roustabout  and Ch "prissy" of Countrycurls 2002 CFA 2nd best Selkirk Rex  Long Hair Div dd your text.
CFAs 10th Best of Breed Selkirk Rex Kitten 2004 !!!!!
 GRC Nite Wind Bonzai of AZFancyface Blue & white Long Hiar Male                  DOB 06/04/03                                             Owners; P. Payne-A. Weymuth-M Jones                                                                                                   text.
CFAs 5th Best of Breed SelkirkRex Kitten 2004 !!! 
Ch Nite Wind Glory Daze of Roustabout Blue & white Long Hair.C "GRC Nite Wind Splendor of DeeNew Kurls Sister"lBOB 06/04/03        Owners; Michelle Kirby-Mary Jonesxt.
 CFAs 8th Best of Breed Selkrik Rex Long Hair 2004 !!!!
 Ch Nite Wind Anna Leigh  Hope soon to be a Grand !          ( "GRCSplendors sister) and Nite Wind Lap Dancer ( GRC Nite Wind DivyDo of DeeNewKurls sister). "Tap Dancer is the kitty with the white blaze. Owner, Roxanne La Paglia of Churchville MD. ick here to add your text.
Nite Wind Acclaim of  KurleeQ,   Blue bicolor female short Hair       Owner Melissa Udomah------------------------>>li .
CFAs 5th Best of  Breed Selkirk Rex Short Hair 2004 !!!!!!!! '2006' 7th Best SH Selkirk Rex        Ch Nite Wind BeDazzled  Cream Mac Tabby & White SH  03/12/02 
Kitty Charm Rambler of Preciouspet X Innocentia's Anna Lama of Nite Wind  Br/ow: Mary Jones
CFAs Best of Breed  Selkirk Rex 2004 !!! GC, Bw, Rw Nite Wind Splendor of DeeNewKurl, Van Cream & White Long Hair Male
Owners , Debra Kallmeyer & May Jones
2005 CFAs Best of Breed Selkirk Rex!!!     CFAs Best of Breed Selkirk Rex Kitten 2004 !
& CFAs 3rd Best of Breed Selkirk Rex Cat,      Cream & White Long Hair Male
GC,RW Nite Wind Native sun of DeNewKurl
Onwers, Debra Kallmeyer & Mary Jones
CFAs 3rd Best of Breed Selkirk Rex  2001 !!! 
CFAs First Female Grand Ch Selkirk Rex
GC Nite Wind  Tsunami of DeeNewKurl , Blue-Cream Long Hair
Owners, D. Kallmeyer, J Newman, M Jones
1999s TICAs Best Of Breed Selkrik Rex !!!!!! 8th Best Cat  All Breed GL Region,  5th Best Short Hair Cat
SGC Serenitie Marys' Lambz of Nite Wind . Cream Mackerel tabby Male
Breeder , Shari Taylor
Owner Mary Jones
"Lambz" is the first Selkirk Rex at Nite Wind.  A Delightful cat to show and my personal pet. He is in the ancesstry of every Nite Wind Selkirk Rex!!!
Nite Wind Big Hoody,
 Blue & white Long Hair Male
Owner, Jonathan Koskas
Paris France Cat Show Oct 30,2004
7th BEST CAT in Show !!!!!!
8th BESt CAT in Show  !!!!
12-13/14-04  at Minsk, Belarus, Selkirk Rex kittens show for their first time and make a Hit!!
To the right is Nite Wind Snow Lilly dilute
calico van SH. (Ch Nite Wind Ram O Lambz X Nite Wind Rain N Shine)
Below is Nite Wind Golden Fleece, cream classic tabby SH.
Both owned & shown by Marina Kedich
 of Minsk, Belarus. (Nite Wind Squiggy X Ch Nite Wind Bedazzled)
These kittens have made a good impression
in thier showing with remarks to thier fine quailty.  We are proud to have Marina introducing the Selkirks Rex in Belarus.

Congratulations!! To Nite Wind Snow Lily     Best of the Best on International Show Minsk, Belarus on Feb 26/27th, 2005 by WCF AB Judges; Yania Melnikova-Belarus and Inna Shustrova -Russia. Shown in adult championship class.
    GRC Nite Wind Badabing! Congratulations Joanne Donnelly
 '2006' CFAs 8th Best SH Selkirk Rex
  Curly ,  Van Cream & White  Short Hair Male                                        Owner ; Joanne Donnelly
Nite Wind Oscar the Curl    Cream & White bi-color male,   TICA best Selkirk Rex Kitten 2005    Owner,  Michele Punzel
Congratultions ! WCF 7th Best Kitten Moscow Cat show,  Nite Wind Richard Lionheart  (red - white SH male Selkirk Rex) and owner Irina Piskunova,  Moscow,  Russia

International Grand Champion Nite Wind Richard Lionheart , Red & white Selkirk Rex, Short hair male, 
 DOB July 17th, 2005
Sire; Nite Wind Squiggy
Dam; Ch Nite Wind BeDazzled text.
Champion Nite Wind Born to be Wild ,   Red Long hair Selkirk Rex male,  homozygous,         ( Nite Wind Squiggy X Nite Wind Petunia )
Congratulatins to Miranda on Bowis first Merit,        Good show, nice grooming
Congratulations on October 2006 show, 2  ACA awards  and nomination for best in show
Owners; 3bs cattery, Ger-Miranda  Jannsen,  Netherlands
Double Ch Nite Wind Wickersham, cream & white SH male Selkirk Rex,  ( BW, RW GRC Nite Wind Splendor of Deenewkurl X  Nite Wind Ivy of Wishstar, DOB July 13th 2005 )  at just  8 months of age, 4th best cat and 9th best allbreed cat Central Wisconsin Cat  Club Show.
Congratulations !!!   to Laima Berge- Curly- Creek.lv on  a very successful show, with Nite Wind Wickersham , 10 months of age, at Worlds Cats Show, Vienna,  Austria
6 BEST CAT WCF Ring,          BEST CAT in Shorhair Group
              BEST of The BEST , 3rd Place in Show !

                 Gr In Ch Nite Wind Golden Fleece----------->
                         DOB April 5th, 2004 
 Nite Wind Squiggy X Ch Nite Wind BeDazzled
Cream Classic Tabby male SH
Moscow-WCF Best of Breed on Rex  and Sphinx show,  March 18/19 2006GClick here .
Nite Wind Silver Snow ,   Shaded silver shorthair female
Sire; Nite Wind Silver Cashmere
Dam; Kit-T-Kur Snow White-persiansgalore
DOB 01/18/06

At  only  4 months old Silver Snow  runs the Agility 8 skill course in just 17 seconds becoming Agility Champion and places in 9 out of 10 finals with   3  of the finals being  Best in Show
Best Selkirk Rex  SH Kitten GLR  TICA 2007 !!!!!
Nite Wind Wickersham , Rigs, Latvia  ZooExpo Show 2006, Nov 18-19
Nov 18, nov BiS nomination,  Nov 19, nov BiS nomination
Best Shorthair Group    BEST OF THE BEST  3rd Place
Earned a Cup, Wickersham honour, 
the sweet sour cream and  3 eggs of Quail
Proudly Presenting ,      

 Nite Wind Crystal of  Dramatails
Silver Patched tabby LH female

Best Selkirk Rex Kitten , TICA 2007
Congratulations !
Second Best Selkirk Rex Kitten CFA 2007

Owner,   Lucy Robinson has done a lovely presentation of  Crystal


will be partnering with Nite Wind to work with the  Silver Selkirk Rex  !!!!
above,  Nite Wind Bright Star
Straighthair calico SH & International GRC  Nite Wind Richard Lionheart
owner Irina Piskunova
Below,  their  very handsome son , Adam
above,  the stunnning  ,
Nite Wind Star Bright

"Richard "  and  "Adam"
can be seen at show  thru the 2007 show season
GC Katomymme Silver Fox of Dramatails
2009' CFA BESt Selkirk Rex SH
         TICA 16th Best Cat ,NW Region

Curly Silver Mackerel tabby and white shorthair male,
Sire; Nite Wind Silver Cashmere
Dam;WHF Silver Girl
 Owners; Lucy Robinson, Victoria Pecotich, Mary Jones

Exhibited in CFA & TICA kitten classes with many finals and BEST in Show awards for 2007 show season.

Nick Name is "Sammy" .
Congadulations !!  Lucy Robinson 
Job well Done. 
Nite Wind Silver Starlight  Congradulations!  nov BIS nomination, 4th Best Cat WCFring
Curly Shaded Silver Shorthair male, owner;  Galina Veretennikova, Moscow Russia
Congradulations !  Lovely presentation.  We look forward to hearing news of next exhibition on Decmeber 8-9th
Curly LH black Van male kitten, Nite Wind Idol at the CFA Racine WI cat show Oct 4th,2008
Four Finals !    
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Dbl CH Nite Wind Ptah-Da,    Seal Lynx pointed male SH,              DOB 1/22/08
Sire;  GC Judon Permission Pending
Dam; Ch Katomymme Silverpearl of Nite Wind
This boy is homozygous !
owners; Julie Jones-Mary Jones
Photos at Novemeber 1 / 2 , 2008,   Janesville, WI  ACFA allbreed cats show
Finals   , 6th best cat   & 7th Best Cat
 Good news! First World Cat Show to Latvia 15. and 16. NOV 2008 NIte Wind Wickersham !!!
  We do it!!  
15.NOV - receive last judgement CACM and now he is WCF WORLD  CHAMPION
16.NOV - Wiky receive highest  judgement HP (can receive only World Champions)
And to WCF master ring Wiky is Number 1 and receive WCF MASTER title.
Laima Berge, Selkirk Rex cattery " Curly Creek"
Wickersham WCF Masters Ring  First Place,

Cassie"  Silver torbie /White SH straight coat.      Blonde" Silver dilute calico Van SH curlie coat
Dramatails Casablanca                                                                                  Dramatails Sugar Rush
2009' Best Houshold pet Kitten TICA NW Region                      2009' Best Selkirk Rex SH Kitten TICA
!!th Best HHP Kitten TICA International                                                  10th Best Kitten TICA NW regoin
Amazingly beautiful girls, both Best In Show winners. Bred & exhibited  by Lucy Robinson  of Dramatails cattery.    I am proud to see how well Lucy is doing with showing and breeding of the kitties we sent out to her. Brother  "Wall-E"  below. 2010 CFA Best Selkirk Rex!!!! 
 The sire of these beauties is GC Katomymme Silver Fox of Dramatails(picture on this page) and Dam is Ch Nite Wind Bedazzled (also picture on this page.
        Avante Garde  Smiling Thomas of Gaeblefield
            Curly Brown Mackerel tabby  & White
                      Selkirk Rex neutered male
                           Owner ; Vicky Harris
Breeders;  Pieter van den Heever and  Pierce van Tonder

       Awarded  5th " Best Cat of the Year "  in 2008

                 Congratulations !! All 'round.
          Now fully mature, What a very handsome guy.

        2007 COTY " Thomas" placed at 21st place. 

  Thomas is sired by;
  GC Nite Wind Supremo Bambino of   Avante Garde 
  Dam  Avante Garde Special Star"
Feb 2009, Rockford, show. "Idol" awarded Double Champion & three finals
Grand Champion
 Nite Wind Silver Juniper of Cuddly-Fur
Silver Shaded SH Selkirk Rex female
DOB 01/18/06
Sire;  NIte Wind Silver Cashmere
Dam; Kit-T-Kur Snow White-Persiansgalore
Owner;  Barb Kimet
Litter sister to Nite Wind Silver Snow !

Updates on Junipers show awards soon.
CFA GC BW NW Dramatails Wall-E of Spellbinding
owners; Lucy Robinson-Jan Mellinger

Well done, grand at 81/2 months of age.
An outstanding Selkirk Rex.
<-- 1 years old         above ^  2 years old
                                          TICA GLR  Best Selkirk Rex 2010

Dbl Ch Nite Wind Sportster,   Black-Silver Classic Tabby SH Male
Sire; GC Jadons Permission Pending  Dam; Katomymme Silverpearl of Nite Wind
"Sportster " is a very special kitty. Soon , we hope a mating of " Cassie and "Sportster" !!! We are excited  
February 13th, 2010  Ogre, Latvia
National Cat Show WCF
Congratulations to
Nite Wind Snow Kiss and owner
 Natalja Viaznikova. Cattery
"Like A Lamb"
are awarded 
BEST  JUNIOR in Show !!!!

Lovely presentation ,
 good job on grooming .
  You should be very proud.

Sire; Ch Nite Wind Artic Blast
Dam; Nite Wind Petunia
Ch Nite Wind Dressed to Impress ,   aka "IMP" Calico SH female DOB 09/28/07
Sire; Nite Wind Squiggy    Dam; CH Nite Wind Bedazzled
Sister of  GC Nite Wind Golden Fleece, GC NIte Wind Richard Lionheart and other above cats
GRC Nite Wind Idol,   photos at 2 years
GRC Nite Wind Idol , from gorgeous kitten , to  fabulous cat
"Idol" joined Cynthia & Brian Bailey of Adorablerags spring 2010 , Granded with best cat , Marion Ohil April 3, 2010
From kitten  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To  CAT                                                                                          GC, NW, BW Dramatails Wall-E of Spellbinding
                     Best Selkirk Rex 2010 CFA
^ kitten above, to Cat below
CH Nite Wind Whata Joy
Sister of "DivyDo" on left
DOB 6/22/2002
On show May 1st 2011
at Wausau WI
In finals  Plus !
 Peoples choice
Best senior Cat
Gc Nite Wind Banjo Moon of Moon Lake
                                                   Shaded Silver Male DOB 1/13/11
TICA Quad Grand Champion,  ACFA  Grand Champion
Breeders, Julie Jones-Mary Jones
Owner;  Erna McCormick   
" Congratulations , Erna, Well Done,  Nicely Presented.
Nite Wind Lucy Van Pelt DOB 12/08/10
sre; Ch NIte Wind Sportster
dam;  Ch NIte Wind Dressed to Impress Silver Classic Tabby -White
Nite Wind Lionell   DOB 6/16/11
sire; GC BW RW Nite Wind Splendor of Deenewkurl
dam; Ch Nite Wind Dressed to Impress                        Red-White LH male
" IMP "  photo taken  10/12/12
Woodwillow's Raggedy Andy                 Sire: GRC Woodwillow's Msked Bandit    Dam: GRC Woodwillow's Afro Dydee        DOB October 5th, 2014                                 Breeders, Alan Lanners/Pam Lanners/ Kim Bailey                                                    Owners: Mary Jones-Julie Jones               Red-White LH Male

Nite Wind Elise Eskilsdotter                   Black-White SH female                            DOB July 4th, 2015                                  Sire: CH Nite Wind Sportster                  Dam: Nite Wind Lucy Van Pelt                                      
                       Febuary 2006  News

 From London, UK 

TICA Cat Show, Owner, Joanne Donnelly reports , her Cream-White SH male Selkirk Rex , first showing attains title of Grand Champion, Congratulations to our newest Grand,   GRC Nite Wind Badabing!

 From Moscow , Russia

WCF Cat Show on Feb 19th,  Owner Irina Piskunova reports, her Red-White SH male Selkirk Rex, Nite Wind Richard Lionheart, first showing is awarded 7th best kitten in Show.

GC Katomymme Jitterbug  ,
Calico SH
Sire.  Katomymme Mister Twister
Dam. Nite Wind Diva Star of Katomymme

Congratualtions ! 
One show grand at
Central Wisconsin Cat Club Show
November 17/18 2007

 Two best Cats, and 2nd BIS, 3rd BIS & 7th BIS
 Pictured with owner Victoria Pecotich & judge Don Finger

 "Jitterbug"                Photos below