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We are working to create our Curly Kitties called Selkirk Rex to be the finest available. We want everyone to know about these cuddly, wonderful creatures!
We welcome you to inquire about showing and breeding of Selkirk Rex. We have assisted many  to becoming successful Selkirk Rex Breeders with mentoring and guidance. We offer Show Breeder Selkirk Rex and Pet Selkirk Rex. Enjoy the pages, write to us, we are always happy to answer questions.
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Selkirk Rex
Selkirk Rex Cat
CFA Best Selkirk Rex  2004 !!!!!! GC,BW,RW Nite Wind Splendor of DeeNewKurl Van Cream &  White Long Hair Male     Many thanks to Debi and Dick for their fine presentaton of these boys.
CFA 3rd Best Selkirk Rex 2004 & CFA Best SelkirkRex Kitten 2004
GC,RW Nite Wind Native Sun of DeeNewKurl Cream & White Long Hair Male
CFA Best Selkirk Rex 2005 !!!!------->
Plus  a Regional winner Again!!
Congratulations  "Sun" !!!!!!!
Nite Wind has been a CFA & ACFAt registered cattery since 1972 and TICA registered since 1989.xtWe began our Selkirk Rex in late1996, breeding for beauty, health and "purrsonality", offering quality Selkirk Rex for family pets and show breeder Selkirk Rex kittens for  the exhibitor breeder.
All kittens are CFA registered and come with CFA registration and pedigree. All kittens are Health Gauranteed and Vaccinated, from PKD negative parents.
All kittens come with an agreement, contract defining what is included with the kitten, and a proper cat care agreement. All pets to be neutered/spayed.
Nite Wind is a CFA Selkirk Rex Breed Council member and a CFA Mentor, offering guidance to cat breeder exhibitors. We can help you with the "how to" questions, such as "how to" name and register a cattery, "how to" on Cat Care with tips on grooming, bathing, and care for your Selkirk Rex, "how to" enter your Selkirk Rex in a cat show, where to find Selkirk Rex information and the CFA Selkirk Rex Breed Standard.

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News From Riga, Latvia !!!!!

Novemeber 18th-19th, 2006
      ZooExpo 2006

Nite Wind Wickersham Novice
Nov 18th nov. BiS nomination
Nov 19th nov. BiS nomination
        Best Shorthair Group
  Congratulations !!
Best Selkirk Rex Kitten  2007  TICA    Second Best Selkirk Rex Kitten CFA                                    Nite Wind Crystal of Dramatails,  Silver Patched Tabby
Owners,  Lucy Robinson  (Mercer Island, WA )-Mary Jones
                                                               Congratulations !  Excellent  Presentation
selkirk rex kitten
Nite Wind Silver Starlight   at International Ivanovo Cat show,  October 21st,2007
Curly shaded silver , shorthair male.  Owner,  Galina Veretennikova, Moscow Russia
Novice class, Best in Show nomination,  4 th  BEST CAT WCF Ring.            
Judges; N. Lebedeva, T. Tatichcheva. 
Responses; the Body' excellent proportions, strong finitenesses, Eyes; greater expressive the excellent size and arrangement, the wool; a magnificent silk wool. rare color.
    Congradulations to Galina on a job well done !
World Cat Show,   Latvia   15 and 16th November 2008

Good News !
First World Cat Show to Latvia 15. and 16. NOV 2008
Nite Wind Wickerskam!!!   We do it !!

15.NOV - recieive last judgement CACM and now he is

16. NOV - Wiky receive highest judgement HP
(can receive only World Champions).

And to WCF Master ring,   Wiky is Number 1 and receives,
WCF Master title.

Later send photo!
Liama Berge
Selkirk Rex cats cattery "Curly Creek"

See " Wickersham" on the Stars Page..........
There are many more photos of our Beautiful  Award winning cats on the "Stars" page
February 13, 2010
WCF National Cat Show

Nite Wind Snow Kiss, White LH Female
DOB 5/10/09
Sire Ch NIte Wind Artic Blast
Dam; Nite Wind Petunia
Owner; Natalja Viaznikova
Cattery; " Like A Lamb"

Hello Mary,
  I have very good news!! Today we have been at WCF National Show in Latvia and "Snow KIss became BEST JUNIOR of the show!!
This is her first show and excellent result.. I am very  glad. Thank You very much for that pretty.
Later I will send yo her pictures from the show.
Photos at show , now on stars page.
CFA Best Selkirk Rex ,  2010  !!!    GC, NW, RW, BW, Dramatails Wall-E of Spellbinding
sire; GC ,RW, BW Katomymme Silver Fox of Dramatails, sired by NIte Wind Silver Cashmere
dam; Nite Wind Bedazzled
Congratulations to breeder, Lucy Robinson . Congratulations to Owners, Jan Mellinger -Lucy Robinson   What a beautiful Seilkirk Rex !     Well Done.
                                          CFAs First Selkirk Rex National Winner  !!!
GRC, RW, BW, Nite Wind Banjo Moon of  Moonlake
                 TICA Quad Grand Champion
                      ACFA Grand Champion
Curly Shaded Silver SH male
sire; Nite Wind Silver Moonlight
dam; R'tec Blue Bayou
DOB  01/13/2011
Breeders; Mary Jones-Julie Jones
Owner; Erna McCormick
" Banjo "
Congratulations !!!!      Erna has been exhibiting " Banjo "  very successfully !  Placing in finals every show. Lovely presentation.  Cheers, Well done.  Smiles
" Banjo Moon"

Congratulations to Erna & Banjo
on TICA RW , 3rd BOB  2012
2013 TICA S.E.  Best Selkirk Rex
                   TICA 2013            

            Great Lakes Region

    Best Selkirk Rex LongHair Cat

   Best Selkirk Rex Longhair Kitten

      Quad  Grand Champion

      " Nite Wind Cover Girl"

         Blue Silver Shaded

           DOB 06/07/2012

   O; Jamie Baisden/Mary Jones

        Sire; Nite Wind Ziggle
              Shaded Silver

     Dam; Katomymme Hot Toddy
                of Nite Wind
            Silver Classic Tabby

             Congratulations !!

   Thanks to Jamie on presenting
  Cover Girl groomed to perfection.

Nite Wind Logo drawing
by Denis Kitchen
  2014 TICA  GLR Best Selkirk Rex LH Cat
Nite Wind Mocha Cino De'Minko
2014 TICA GLR Second Best Sekirk Rex LH Cat
and Second Best Selkirk Rex LH Kitten
Seal classic tabby-White Male Mink
2014 TICA GLR Best LH Kitten
Nite Wind Paint By Numbers
Tortie/White female
Owner , Jamie Baisden
2014 TICA Best  Black Silver tabby of the year
DGC Nite Wind Sportster
GLR Second Best Selkirk Rex SH Cat
2014 TICA GLR Best Selkirk Rex SH Cat
TGC Nite Wind LovePotion
Blue/White female
Owner, Jamie Baisden
Supreme Grand Champion
Nite Wind Paint by Numbers Nov 2014
Congratulations Jamie Baisden
Supreme Grand Champion               
Nite Wind Tom Terrific                              Curly, Shaded Silver SH male                  Congratulations Jamie Baisden

litter brother to Nite Wind Silver Moonlight
Sire; Catequil Atlas of Nite Wind            Dam; Nite Wind Silver Sumdae