This page is updated occasionally, please  contact me for current kitten availabilities.
We'll have more pictures on soon, but we do have some beautiful babies for sale right now, for breeding and showing, or to a special pet home. 
These are some pictures of our available babies, there are a few more that we don't have pics of yet, so if you don't see what you were looking for- contact me- if I don't have it, I may know who does!
This page was last updated on: February 12, 2018
New babies have arrived , now is the time to in put your order !
 Some repeat matings of those that previously produced show winners, plus some very fine family pets will be offered. 
    Our babies are health gauranteed, health certified. We are able to ship to most areas. 
  Put a Little Curl in Your Life 
With a Cat inSheeps Clothing    ...........Smiles!
Curly Pets $600.00 - $800.00.... Straight Hair Pets $450.00 - $600.00

       Show Kittens from $950.00 - $2000.00 with show agreement
 **** (608) 296-4080  Mary will be happy to answer your questions****
Below are kittens   that are now in thier  forever homes.  Every one is a precious love we enjoyed raising.  
"Lambert"  Cream Pointed curly SHhere to add your text.
"Larrs" Straight hair Lh bi-color, aka Lover Boy,  setteld in his new home he looks very relaxed.
"Sea Jewel" curly blue cream Lh, with her new friend "Isibelle. It appearently was love at first "Bite"t.
Larrs & Elaine (Dilute Calico Straight  LHt.
"Melo"  Curly, Cream & White Bicolor  SH
"MinkoDeMyO" curly SH Chocolate Patched tabby Mink
Petunias Black & White LH 
The Sign at Our Back Door
Selkirk Rex 101
Calico Straight hair
Curly Red & White Shorthair maleext.
Wickersham cream-white SH male
Blaze and Bootsie cream and white Brothers arrive in thier wonderful new home.
Cream & White bi-color
 curly homozygous LH male
                " Princess  Gabby" 
    Silver Torbie  Straighthair SH spay
     A total swetheart,
                    Adored by her family.  
Curly blue eye White  kitten
Straighthair Shaded SH female kitten
Silver Smoothie (straighthaired) Darling
Nite Wind Razzle Dazzle,  Val I Hope to see him in the HHP 
Nite Wind Winter Fantasy at her new home with Serina
WCF World Champion , WCF Master,   Nite Wind Wickersham !!!   See the Stars page for adult photos and Awards !
GRC Nite Wind Idol, curly  black van LH Male
Curly Longhair Shaded silver female
Straighthair  mink pointed                     Straighthair Lynx pointed mink

           Very Beautiful kittens !!
All come vaccinated, with CFA registration & pedigree copy, health gauranteed. All pets marked not for breeding, Alter only. Agreements & details for each kitten by request
We can ship to you , 
Or you may visit & pickup your kitten at our home..

Nite Wind Snow Kiss
curly white LH
Julius ( Flame point) & Nitro
Tiki , Silver SH 
NIte Wind Rolling Thunder
Tabby & White boy 3weeks
NIte Wind Voo Doo Lily

Chanel   & Conure Gizmo
Rainny retired in her forever home lounging on Jims bed and hanging out with her new canine friend "Butler" 
" Rolling Thunder" 8 weeks
Rolling Thunder "    3 months old
"Big Frosty"
Curly White LH
"Selkirk Rex" are the Curlies         "Selkirk Silkies"  are the straight hairs
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                   Curly Silver SH male 
GRC BW RW Nite Wind Banjo Moon of Moon Lake
           TICA Quad Grand Champion
                 ACFA Grand Champion
Curly Black & White SH male
       The Sweetest Kittens on the planet   
          Babies ready to go Now       
thethe Sweetest kittens on the planet !!!

"Tom Terrific"
Shaded Silver SH male
Curly Smoke-White LH female
5 weeks
All parent cats are DNA tested for diseases & traits.  All lineage is PKD neg.  and free of detectable diseases.
Nite Wind Eat Drink & be Murray
Curly Black & White female
12 weeks old
Silkie Straight Hair
Cameo ( White With Red tipping) , Long Hair 
Male DOB 10-14-17

Gorgeous powder puff baby, very loving. A wonderful Valentine gift!
"Honey Bear" Super curly LH male  Wee babies
"Blue Boy"  LH double curl male, Wee Babies
"Blue Moon"  Gorgeous Silkie Straight hair male.  Loving kitten.
"Foxie"  Curly , Chinchilla Silver, female  LH .  Sweet cuddly kitten . Will make a great pet.