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Below -Things you might enjoy seeing at our house
The "Squiggy" flag greets you as you turn into our drive
These flowers and kitty grace the sunny entry way here
These rare Snow(man)Cats showed up in front of our home this winter and stayed around a few weeks. Created by our neighbor's children Amber & Conner
  Devil Enjoys his Very Rare 1953 Tucker SnoCat, a one of a kind vehicle can be seen at our place or puttering around Oxford our little town of 499 souls    
This 1953 Tucker SnoCat Glides along with Devilan at the Wheel
Welcome Sign  at  Our front door    "Fishing School by Appointment".
BYOB- (Boat)
 Mary with the RARE HODAG found only in Rhinelander Wisconsin. A mythical creature of the logging days.

This is a RARE BENGAL TIGER with Devil at the TAIL !!!!! ------------------------->
Fishing in Wisconsin is GREAT !!!! Devil below with fine Bass from our secert  fisnin' Spot .
Parrot Fish live at our house, they're in Love >
A BIG THANK YOU to all who have shared our  love of cats, without them, Nite Wind would not be possible :)
"Brillow Puss"  WHISKERS !!! You have t o Love It!!!
This fountain boat in front of our home is filled with pretty gold fish and turtles in the summer.
In the winter time you can find Santa or the Pumpkin guy sitting in the fountain boat
A wonderful Ginger dog lives here too, she loves the kitties and they love her too
Ruby and Friend All dressed up for                for the occasion
                   Love It !!!!!!
Sheri Lynn & "prissy" with  2nd best of the best award....Nite Wind Red Hot MaMa of Countrycurls
Mary is an artist , paints on most anything, this is a wooden box
This is a mural painted by Mary and Chris her painting partner. We can be hired  and offer other artwork, maybe you would like a portrait of your  special critter friend. If you are interested  write to us.
This is a mural we are currently working on, will update when completed
Above two phots are sections of the mural   not taken at an angle , 
New!   Bird Bath with Fancy Gold Fish Painted inside
"Cowpie" a Cow Fish lives in the 270 gal Aquarium in the Sunroom. He is puppyish in his ways. Very entertaining. .

A variety of fish , jelly fish and a Sea Robin in these shots Other finned freinds are Horseshoe Crabs , a decorator crab and  things growing on the rocks that we don'tvknowv what they are. Below a Spanish Lobster, and more shots of the Three  Jellies in action!!!!
We are alway adding to this PAWS page come back soon .
This is a portrait of a horse that is the favorite of the owners many horses
Devils'"Little Iron Maiden" below is a 1906 Townsend Traction tractor 1/2 scale  One of a kind.  Come to the 41st annual  Steam & gas Engine Club show at  Baraboo Wixconsin on August 20,21,22 ,2004 , Location on Sand Road , North of Hwy. 33,   Devil and John have restored  a wagon to be pulled by the Little Iron Maiden and are replacing the roofing on the Engine to becompleted before for the Show.Come see us and the traction Tractor at the show!!!
Here is the "Devils' Iron Madian and the wagon at the show! 
Frankinstien Fishing in the Fountain Boat
             Happy Holloween  2004 !!!!!
This is a table painted for a friend to enjoy.
One side has Loons the other Blue Herons
These Orandas ( anniversary gift from Devil as were the Parrot fish a couple of years ago), are a new addition to the Koi and goldfish tank below. The Koi, Comet s & Shabumpkins are over 6 inches in length
See how large those Parrot fish are , the barnacle they could once swim into is beow them. On the right  are the Koi Angel fish. They were about the size of a nickle when I brought them home , now are about 3 1/2 inches
Finally finished Johns' Lighthouse table below.  I always wonder what project will be next.
Seasons Greetings 2004 !!!
American Cat Fanciers Association
CFA Selkirk Rex Breed Council
Selkirk Rex Breed Club
Selkirk Rex News
Good information site, although, not all in English.
Selkirk Rex 101
Happy Halloween 2005  Skeleton Ghost in fountain boat
Water Gardens cover the lawn.  Devil built them  this spring 2006. We enjoy swinging and listening to the fountains . I am tickled to have a pair of little frogs  enjoying  the Frog pond.
The bubble fountain is lovely. You can see a the sky on the surface of the bubble.
A pair  of frogs moved into the Frog Pond
Both frogs sitting of the Frog Pod
Fish & Lily Pods inside of the Fountain Boat
The huge Dream Catcher in the Flower Island is a very old item that was used for measuring land. 
The new bigger pond being built
We've moved !!!  To Westfiled , WI.  See the  new place , scroll down past life in Oxford. We plan to build Koi ponds here at the new place, this spring of 2008
Winter of 2008,  lots of snow & very cold !!  Since moving here in late September, the work at settling in continues.  I have aquired a new nick name,  "Queen of the HIll" and you should just see the queen with the snow shovel !   Much ahead in making this grand old house what it should be. Built in 1900, it is on the Historical Societies tour and featured in thier tour book with the history of the houses builder and the history of Westfiled. This is our new home and we are very happy here.  We did love our home in Oxford, and miss our many wonderful neighbors.
The Lake behind the house is just beyond that line of trees, frozen over , snow covered
These pictures were taken just after we moved here.  Geese are on the lake , 
Devilan completed the Koi ponds , waterfall and deck spring 2007. The falls are lit with colored  lights in the evening.   We enjoy BBqs and hours in the swing.
4th of July 2008
Hen & Chicks plant flowering at front of stream engine & Clemitis trailing up steam engine wheel
New Wheels !  '08 Optima                                               Hummingbirds House with nests , 
                                                                                                  can view thru bedroom window
Devilans Peterbilt  takes him rolling accrossed the country . 
  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2008
Hi !   My Name is "Precious"  I'm 12 weeks old.  I came to join my new family a few days ago.  It seems Mister was pining for a dog. My Mistress weakened and went to shop for a clam baby girl and found me. I am very happy. Tons of toys and lots of kitty friends to play with.
January  19,  2009
Winter is colder than ever. Nothing like a new puppy to liven things up. In March after spay, she will become a trucker dog. Already rides without becoming car sick!
Durring the summers of "08 and "09 the baren yard was transformed, with building of the Workshop, Three Seasons Room, Garden Shed, Truckport, Watergardens with pond and Waterwheel, Waterfalls, Large Vegetable Garden, Pagora Grape Arbor over the Herb & Berry Patch, Wrought Iron Rose Gazebo, and New Driveway
Before and after photos . To see the building of it all, follow the continued link below.
Click to see how it was built >>>
End of January 2010..    This Huge Aquarium , Which came from a Vegas Hotel , is ready for fish
....last year, when we installed the new entry door, while the wall opening was large enough, we were able to bring the 1,000 gallon aquarium  ( 4'x8'x4' ) into the house.  Winter is the time for indoor projects.  While Mary was at the Cat Show in St Paul,  Devil did the underfloor support beams , added 5, five gallon pails of sand , did the sea scape and filled the tank. In a few weeks , after the water has cued we will add fish. 
January 2012, "Precious"  , Devilan, and Fish.  The tank cabnet is made of ceadar
Christmas 2011, the house has new porch and roof !! Work done last summer.